Maintaining your personal best requires salon and medical spa treatments. This is exactly why we created the Vogue VIP Membership.

If you are ready to improve your image, style, and rejuvenate your appearance, save time, gain great value and look your very best, we invite you to explore and join our VIP Membership.

Our three-tiered VIP Membership allows you to choose your ideal tier based on the type and the number of treatments, services, as well as the products you wish to experience on monthly basis. Instead of paying the a la carte pricing you are able to save and receive great value based on the tier you choose.

Additional Member Benefits
From time-to-time additional treatments or services are needed, therefore; you are eligible to receive the same savings based on your tier. This will apply toward services, treatments, and retail products beyond your monthly banked amount. These savings apply as long as you are an active member.
-Complimentary skin analysis
-Complimentary medical aesthetics and hair consultation
-Exclusive Member-only offers throughout the year
-Members are chosen for complimentary treatments/services during events

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The VIP membership allows you to bank your monthly amount in your account and it will be available for you to use toward services and treatments offered on the menu. Once you join, we will start with an in-depth consultation, discuss your goals and needs, then we will customize a program that will be focused on achieving the results you are looking for. 

Are there other perks?

As a VIP Member you receive special savings and invitations to VIP member only events. Enjoy exclusive perks for referrals and a complimentary blowout for your birthday!

Does it expire?

The VIP Membership never expires. You may stop at any time. Please provide a 60-day notice to cancel, as the membership is allotted to a select number of guests. We want to ensure we can meet the needs of all VIP Members. Any remaining amount in your account will need to be used toward services or treatments offered at Vogue On 24 Salon & Medical Spa within the allotted 60-day notice.

*VIP Membership discounts cannot be combined with series purchases or other promotions, as these offerings are generally discounted at an equal or greater value.*


Imagine a social night of fun with your friends while experiencing treatments to help everyone look more youthful and save on Botox and Fillers.

We have made hosting an event super easy for you. Here you will be able to learn all the ins and outs of hosting a BF Social Gathering, the benefits you will gain and application steps needed to be a host.

Vogue On 24 MedSpa is a leading medical spa and are super happy to provide members of the community the opportunity to help everyone age gracefully and stay connected with friends and loved ones.
These BF Social Gatherings are designed to be fun, educational and a way to help you save on treatments while staying connected with friends and loved ones. They are ideal for both men and women to host.


Hosting a Botox and Filler Event at Vogue on 24 MedSpa combines luxury and wellness. You can invite personal guests to an exclusive, elegant setting with gourmet food and premium drinks. The event features expert-led Botox and filler treatments, special discounts, and a private, tranquil atmosphere, ensuring a unique and pampering experience for everyone.

Suggested themes: Bridal Party, Holiday Botox Social, Birthday Party, and more!

No matter which theme you choose be assured you are in good hands. Each guest will be examined by one a certified Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner before any treatments are administered.

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